The prints below are frames from the beginning, middle, and end of the video.  

Click on the prints to enlarge and click on the video to watch.

fMRI Frights begin

The data driving the images positions and colors are taken from X, Y, and Z axes fMRI slices. The audio is from an actual fMRI session. This video is my attempt to communicate the frightening experience I had inside an fMRI machine when I was getting a brain scan.

fMRI #2 begin
fMRI #2 middle
fMRI #2 end

This fMRI video takes its input from the website The data streams are taken from the brain imaging output for two categories: diagnosed as normal and diagnosed as schizophrenic.

fMRI #3 begin
fMRI #3 middle
fMRI #3 end

This video data and sound are from an fMRI portrait created for insertion into an experimental film for an NYC museum.