What is a Data Selfie?

A data selfie is an abstract video portrait of you made from your data.

What Data?

You produce data in many ways including DNA, weblogs, Fitbit, blood tests, fMRI, heart monitors, microbiome, Google tracking, your digital photos or music, your business or non-profit, and so on. You can also combine your data with the data of others to create marriage portraits, or portraits with your partner(s), your pet(s), your children or the whole family.

What do I get?

– A video loop (UHD) with a customized soundtrack

– A premium thumb drive with two file types for use on TVs & computers

– A Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist

– A hand-crafted thumb drive container

– An 18 x 10 digital print from the video chosen by you and the artist.

How do I start?

With a creative conversation between you and the artist. You are free to reflect on anything you care about, anything you want the artist to consider. Though the art is abstract, the artists still wants the finished piece to reflect the values, interests, and style of the subject or subjects.

How is the art priced?

The work is currently priced at $10 per second x the number of sources.

A two-minute video (120 secs) of one person/one source would be $1200. A two-minute loop of a couple with one source each would be $2400. A two-minute video of one person & three sources of data would be $3600…

The creative process can take two weeks or more to complete depending on the scope of the portrait. The final video is a unique piece of art an edition of one and is yours exclusively, although the artist may ask to show the video and print in gallery and museum exhibitions. You can see examples of Data Selfies by James Pricer on the gallery’s site generativeartproject.com/james-pricer-shop.


Note:  I take privacy very seriously.  Personal data (such as DNA) is encrypted with a strong encryption algorithm when I receive it from the client.  If you want to encrypt the data before sending it to me I will help you do that.  The database used in the first part of the artwork creation process is encrypted at rest and deleted upon completion of the project.