Commissioned Portrait

What you get:

  • Ultra High Definition (UHD) video with audio, 3+ minutes long, delivered on a USB drive or download with a signed certificate of authenticity
  • An additional copy of the video that is High Definition (HD) for playing on HD TVs and other HD-only devices
  • Registration in the Generative Art Project gallery database

The Process:

  • Interview with me (in person, Skype, email, etc.)
    • beliefs
    • goals
    • anything you want me to consider
  • Decide on what data is to be used (such as DNA, tracking, MRI, etc.)
  • Source the data
  • Create the video
  • There is currently a five month lead time


  • Client gets original video/prints – artist can copy and resell video/prints.
    • $2,000 base price for one person, one data source
    • $1,000 each additional person in the portrait
    • $500 each additional data source in the portrait
  • Client gets exclusive rights to original and all copies of the video.  3X the above price.


  • You can receive three 12X7 or 18X10 prints (frames from the video) for an additional $600.
  • Corporate, non-profit, and government commissions are on a case by case basis taking into consideration the size of the installation, number of people involved, and number of data sources.    
  • We can discuss variations from the above.