My artwork cuts a new path in data driven, computational, and generative art at the intersection of the human and the machine.

I conceive of an artwork by wondering what the data will look like. I begin with curiosity.  Then I mine it, creating images until I have a strong emotional response – it can be positive or disturbing, but the feeling must unsettle my expectations.  The visual output has a certain randomness to it because the data is what it is, so I don’t entirely control the outcome and that adds adventure to the art making process.  The finished piece is a kind of wrestled collaboration between my intentions, my emotional response, and the data’s unpredictable expression of their reality.

I want to take data that people are really comfortable with and then mess with it till it’s alien. I want the work to feel familiar and alien. A synthesis of the antithesis is what I’m after. I don’t think about making “art”. I think about exploring what the data reveals about itself and us by extension. 

The human brain is hardwired to find patterns and meaning in all things, and my artwork communicates directly to those instincts. Though we are viewing the same underlying data and the truths it contains, we will each find patterns that reflect our own interests and experiences.  In addition, my patented algorithms find patterns in the data that are not discoverable by humans, and these data arrangements are also used in the artwork.

The patterns that emerge from my videos are placed there by the data and to a lesser extent programming, but the artwork would be incomplete were it not for the patterns created by the viewers.  This is an augmentation of ‘what is received’ as it is an additional layer of art created by the viewer’s patterns. Viewers instinctively find their own patterns in this data-driven art, comparing and contrasting what they know about the source against their own interpretations of the abstract imagery.  Viewers of this artwork also create their own outliers, which lead to new patterns, and thereby create new ways to enlarge their own view of themselves and others.